Changes When Mapping Manifests To QBO

Learn about how the recent updates to Carrier Billing has impacted the mapping of manifests to QuickBooks Online.

Following the recent update to Carrier Billing, the mapping of manifest-related fields from Rose Rocket to QBO will be impacted.

Here's what you need to know:

1) Manifest IDs will no longer be visible from the List View. They can be found on the Bill Details view by clicking into the bill the Manifest has been added to. (21)

2) If you have mapped Rose Rocket’s Manifest Completed At Date to Transaction Date in Quickbooks, it will now map Bill Date to Transaction Date.1-3

3) If you enabled your advanced document number mapping and mapped any of the three Manifest related fields (Manifest ID, Manifest Nickname, Manifest Sequence ID) to your Quickbooks’ Bill Document Number, your advanced document number settings will no longer be in effect. Your Bill Number will default to the Rose Rocket Bill ID.


To help make this transition easier, please note:

  • Though the four Manifest selections will no longer be in effect, we will preserve your selections on the Quickbooks mapping page for 30 days for you to change at your discretion. 
  • The update to your Transaction Dates and Bill Document Numbers will only take effect at your next export/update attempt.