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Information to assist brand new users with initial use of the software


Recordings on diverse topics to help optimize software use


Efficiently manage your transportation team and streamline your operations


Manage transportation orders from creation to fulfillment

Plan & Dispatch

Strategically plan routes, allocate resources, and dispatch tasks


Manage and organize customer information and preferences


Manage and organize carrier profiles, ensuring regulatory compliance

Driver Mobile

Task management on the go with real-time order updates


Financial tracking, invoicing, and payment management


Track and maintain transportation equipment, ensuring availability, reliability, and proper maintenance


Easily manage and monitor pricing structures and rates


Gain insights and monitor performance through various reports


Explore integrations that bring data from your software into Rose Rocket

Settings & Profile

Tailor the software experience to your specific needs and preferences

Customer Portal

Give your customers portal access to assist with shipments

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Navigate the mystery that is the World Wide Web; assisting you using your browser and, in turn, Rose Rocket

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