How do I get access to the Tasks feature?

If you're looking to use the new Tasks feature in your Rose Rocket software, you will first need access to the feature. Follow the steps below to gain access.

At this time, the Custom Tasks feature exists behind a feature wall. This means that it is accessible within all instances of Rose Rocket, but must first be turned on.

Prior to enabling the Custom Tasks feature, we recommend checking out this article to review the capabilities of this feature and how you would use it with your team:

What is the Tasks feature?


How do I enable the Customs Tasks feature?

Custom Tasks must be enabled by a Rose Rocket employee. This is something we need to enable from the backend and cannot be enabled from within your Rose Rocket instance.

If you would like to enable Custom Tasks, simply email us at to request this feature be enabled. 


After this feature has been enabled in your instance, we also recommend checking out the Custom Tasks section of our Help Center to gain a solid understanding of how to use this feature. This will walk you through how to use Custom Tasks within various modules and how to use them most effectively within your Rose Rocket software. If you have access to a sandbox account, feel free to request that we enable the feature there first so you may test it out before enabling it in your live instance.