What is the Custom Tasks feature?

Learn more about custom task types to help you plan, organize, and track directly within your Rose Rocket software.

Custom Tasks are a net new feature and functionality that, once turned on, allows you to create tasks that can then be assigned to your team members. These tasks are actions your team may need to complete outside of the traditional actions associated with a shipment, such as completing a pickup or delivery, or loading/unloading a load. They will also assist you with defining due dates and tracking the completion of important actions.


Tasks were created to help you plan, organize, and track non movement-related tasks.

  • Movement-Related Tasks:
    •  Pickup
    •  Delivery
    •  Load
    •  Unload
    • Arrive
  • Non-Movement-Related Tasks:
    • Check Call
    • Customer follow-up
    • Rerate Required
    • … and many many more!

Main Benefits