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How do I add Customers to the Rose Rocket Customer Portal?

Providing great customer service is important to retaining business and standing out from the competition. Since this is top of mind for many of our customers, we want to help you leverage the right tools to achieve this.

Below are the steps required to add new customers to your Rose Rocket Customer Portal. We have linked to other articles in our Help Centre, so consider opening these links in a new tab within your browser (so you don't lose your place here!)

Here are the steps required to set this up.

  1. Add a new Customer using this article
    If your customer already exists within your instance, simply open up their profile and move on to step #2 below. Edit an existing customer using this article.
  2. Enable Customer Portal use for this customer using this article


For Rose Rocket users, learn more about Rose Rocket's Customer Portal for your customers within the Customer Portal section of our Help Centre.

If you are a Customer Portal user, or are a Rose Rocket user and need to send some additional resources to your customers, learn more about the Customer Portal and how to use it here.


Invite customers to the Customer Portal directly within your Order by following the steps in this article.

e-Tracking links let you selectively share order status with your customers. If you find yourself always sharing links with your customer, add them to the Customer Portal and they'll have access to all their orders without any additional effort from your team.

Use the list to see which users already have access to the order and add or remove Portal access for a customer.

e-Tracking lets your customer see orders as it moves through Booked, In-Transit, Delivered, Invoiced or Cancelled status in Rose Rocket. To ensure no private information is revealed, only the stop city, state, zipcode, and commodity details are shown and updated with the order.