BorderConnect - Where do I find my FAST Number?

Learn more about FAST, why we use it, and how to utilize yours within the Rose Rocket and BorderConnect integration.

What is FAST?

FAST (Free and Secure Trade) is a joint program between the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and United States Customs and Border Protection (U.S. CBP) that enhances border and trade chain security while making cross-border commercial shipments simpler and subject to fewer delays. You can learn more about FAST directly on the BorderConnect Support Wiki, which is available here.

In order to utilize FAST, you will need to acquire a FAST number for each Driver you plan to assign to Manifests that will be exported to BorderConnect.

Why do we use FAST?

A FAST number is required in order for your Rose Rocket account to be able to export to BorderConnect. We often get asked why we use FAST numbers, and the short answer is that it simplifies your integration setup by miles. FAST can be used to circumvent the use of various other documents, which can extend the time it takes you to get going with BorderConnect through Rose Rocket. There are also a few other reasons that we do this, such as reducing the storage of sensitive data and ensuring that we can support every aspect of the integration, but the main reason is to provide you with a seamless experience when you're getting started.

Where do I find my FAST Number?

In order to aquire a FAST Number, you will need to apply for a FAST Card for Commercial Drivers. This will have to be done for each Driver you plan to assign to Manifests that will be exported to BorderConnect. If you are ready to use BorderConnect, you likely already have FAST Cards for each of your Drivers. However, if you have not yet completed this process, it will need to be done before we set up your integration.

In order to learn more about applying for FAST Cards for Commercial Drivers, more information is available here.

How do I use a FAST Number?

In order to use your FAST Number for the BorderConnect/Rose Rocket integration, each Driver's FAST Number must be added to their Driver Profile. In order to do this, simply follow the steps in the following article:

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