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What is the Rose Rocket Partner App?

Continue reading to learn more about our Rose Rocket Partner App

In trucking, hardly anyone moves freight alone. The transportation industry depends on working with partners to keep freight moving and remain efficient in modern times. With this in mind, we are expanding our software offerings to focus on the networking aspect of your business – to help you better connect with partner carriers and brokers and facilitate a more effective partner network.

The Partner App is a piece of Rose Rocket that you can extend to your partner carriers to collaborate on orders, instant message, and share important documents from a single system.

Why use Partner App?

  • Complete Order Information: Your partners can input their own order details, reducing errors and giving time back to your team.
  • Chat Online: Instantly communicate with your partners in the context of the order, with chat records you can easily reference.
  • Share & Store Documents: All the documents you need in one place, including BOLs, labels, PODs, invoices & bills.
  • Single Source of Truth:  Instead of information scattered across inboxes and spreadsheets, or lost in phone calls and text messages, everything you and your partner need for the order is in one place.

1. Turning on Partner App for a partner carrier


2. The complete workflow - Dispatching orders to Partner App

Once your carriers have access to Partner App, you can begin sending orders to them from your instance of Rose Rocket. Here is the full workflow of how to dispatch to your partners and what they see in their Partner App:


Working with your partner carriers has never been more efficient. To learn more about using the Partner App, please reach out to your Account Manager.