What should I expect when a Rose Rocket partner tenders a load to me for the first time?

  1. When a Rose Rocket partner tenders you a load for the first time, you are prompted to assign that partner to a customer in your customer list. Future orders from this Rose Rocket partner will automatically be assigned to this customer.
2. In this example, “Carrier 2 Sandbox Ltd.” has sent you a tender offer for the first time.
3. When the tender offer is accepted, you will be prompted to select which customer to assign these loads to from this “Which customer should these loads be associated to?” page.
4. Rose Rocket will do its best to associate the load offer with a current customer in your customer list. However, if we fail to find a good match the system will automatically generate a new customer for you. Feel free to select the generated customer or an existing customer from your customer list.
Please note: All future tender offers from that Rose Rocket partner will be assigned under that customer moving forward, so ensure you select the right customer.