What can I use Custom Tasks for?

Plan, organize, and track using the new Custom Tasks feature.

Rose Rocket by default has a set of tasks under the legs on the manifest but it was limited to major movement-related tasks like a pickup, delivery, load, unload, and arrive.

Now, you can create additional Custom Tasks to track other kinds of work that support the movement of freight. Not only will this add flexibility and let you plan your work the way you want, it helps with record-keeping and ensures accountability for all members of the team.


  • Increase precision and reduce mistakes: With each custom task created, you are adding precision and detail to your operations, allowing for more accuracy and less mistakes.
  • Standardize your workflow: Each custom task will ensure that your team follows best practices and executes on your business processes
  • Improve teamwork and communication: Each custom task records information like start date, due date, and assignee, allowing you and your team to coordinate and ensure nothing slips between the cracks.

Examples of Custom Tasks

Custom Tasks are about giving you flexibility. You can create any task you would like, but here are some common examples of what may be a custom task.

Picking up and Delivering Specialty Shipments:

If your company offers moving services that are beyond general freight, you and your team may want to keep track of these tasks.

  • Check Call: Add a check call 72 or 24 hours before the delivery to ensure the shipment is ready.
  • Pack: Dedicate time for specialty moves that require additional packing.
  • Delivery Call: Add a confirmation call prior to arriving so the customer can prepare for the shipment.
  • Unpack: Dedicate time for specialty moves that require unpacking at the destination.

Trailer Switches:

You can create tasks to help with deliveries that require trailer switches.

  • Drop Empty: Add a task to let the driver know they have to drop the empty off at a specific location.
  • Pickup Empty: Let your driver know they have to bobtail to another location to pick up an empty.
  • Break: If these trips are long, schedule a break for your driver.

Delivering During COVID-19:

To ensure driver safety and the safety of others, you may want to add additional sanitary measures and track them with tasks.

  • Clean Equipment: Set a task to remind drivers to sanitize equipment after use.
  • Clean Truck: Ask drivers to wipe down the truck, including seat and steering wheel.
  • Refill PPE: Ask drivers to stock up on PPE at the end of each shift, or the beginning of the next.