The Customers Module

Continue reading for a brief overview on how to navigate the Customers module


1. The Customers Module

The Customers module is a collection of all Customers currently saved to your Rose Rocket software. It is also where you can add new Customers or make changes to existing ones.


The Customers Module

2. Search & Filters

To search for a specific Customer, enter their name or short code into the search box in the top right corner of the page and click the magnifying glass or press enter.


Search & Filters

3. To clear the search, remove what's written and click the magnifying glass again or press enter.

To clear the search, remove whats written and click on the magnifying glass again or press enter.

4. Filter your customer list

Apply filters to find customers easily.

Filter your customer list

5. Click '+Add Filter' to view available filters.

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6. Removing filters

Use the 'X' to remove the filters you have applied.

Removing filters

7. Customize your columns

Click the 'Customize' button to choose which columns you want to see.

Customize your columns

8. Select the columns you want to add or use the 'x' for columns you want to remove and click 'Save' when you're finished editing.


Click on dialog

9. Save your views

Click '+Add' to create and save custom views with filters and columns for all your team to use.

Save your views

10. Search through the list

You can scroll through the list of Customers displayed if you have multiple pages.

Search through the list

11. Create new customers

Create a new customer by clicking the 'Create' button on the top right.

Create new customers

12. Download your data

Using the three dots, you'll have options to import and export your customers. 

Download your data

13. Click on Export CSV

Export what you see, exactly as you see it. Adjust the size of your columns to add more or less information. 

Click on Export CSV

14. Click on the customer's name to view the profile


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Switch between center-view and side-view to view your customer's profile details.Click on highlight

Click on highlight