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Samsara - What do I need to set up the Samsara integration?

This article will outline the list of things you need to get started with your Rose Rocket and Samsara integration.

Samsara Requirements: 

  1. A Samsara account

If you have not already signed up for a Samsara account, please review this article in order to do so:

How do I get a Samsara account?

You will need a Samsara account to get started with and use the Rose Rocket and Samsara integration.


2. An admin account in your Samsara instance

Setting up Samsara is straightforward and typically takes less than an hour, provided the customer can provide either of the following details:

  • At least one Admin account within your Samsara instance
  • Access to your Samsara API Token
    with either full Admin or read-only Admin privileges, either will work


Once you have everything listed above, you're ready to get started!

Continue reading below to learn more about the integration setup process:

How do I set up a Samsara integration?