SaferWatch - How does SaferWatch work with Rose Rocket?

Continue reading to learn more about the Rose Rocket and SaferWatch integration.

At Rose Rocket, we have developed an integration that allows SaferWatch to connect with our software. An integration allows the two softwares to connect and share information. The exchange of this information allows you to access the details you need from other software systems, such as SaferWatch, without ever needing to leave the platform. This simplifies your ability to access, update, and utilize the information you need to ensure your business operates effectively and efficiently.

SaferWatch is an advanced carrier compliance and monitoring platform helping ensure quality carrier selection. This integration allows SaferWatch’s compliance data to be mapped to carrier profiles in Rose Rocket, allowing for these major benefits:

  • Reduce the manual data entry required to add a carrier’s information by having it synced directly from SaferWatch.
  • Ensure your shipments are only dispatched to carriers that meet the compliance standards of your business.
  • Easily keep track of all compliance details and documents by having them stored right into your TMS.
  • Always have the most up-to-date carrier information, as Rose Rocket updates all carriers in your organization with the most recent SaferWatch details each day.

This integration maps SaferWatch data to each carrier profile within Rose Rocket, which can be seen on the carrier details, as well as manifests where a carrier is assigned. This integration is available for free for all Rose Rocket instances with an existing SaferWatch subscription.

With our integration to SaferWatch, Rose Rocket is easily able to access carrier compliance information and safety ratings. This allows you to review this information directly within your Rose Rocket software. With this access, you are able to make faster decisions about your Manifests and ensure that your freight is protected and insured once they have been assigned to a Driver.

In order to utilize this integration and all the benefits it can provide, follow the article below to set up your Rose Rocket and SaferWatch accounts for the integration.

How do I set up a brand new SaferWatch integration within Rose Rocket?