SaferWatch - How do I find my SaferWatch company key?

In order to utilize the SaferWatch and Rose Rocket integration, you must first obtain a company key. Continue reading to learn more.

What is a company key?

A company key is an alpha-numeric code that is unique and specific to your SaferWatch account. This number is assigned to your account when it is created and it is not something you need to set yourself. The numbers and letters included in the key are random and automatically generated. 

What is a company key used for?

A company key is used to identify your account for the purpose of connecting it with other software. A SaferWatch company key allows other software, like Rose Rocket, to identify your specific SaferWatch account in order to connect with it. This allows your SaferWatch account and your Rose Rocket account to exchange and share information.

How do I find my SaferWatch company key?

Your SaferWatch company key is not currently listed with your other account information. This is not something you are able to locate within your SaferWatch account by logging into the SaferWatch website or software. In order to obtain your company key, you must call or email your specific SaferWatch Sales or Customer Service Representative.

If you do not currently have a representative, please contact SaferWatch through the contact information they have listed on their website.

Call 844-878-9700 or email