SaferWatch - How do I enable a 14-day expiry warning for an existing Carrier?

If you would like a warning to appear upon dispatch 14 days prior to the expiry of a Carrier's insurance, follow the steps below to enable this feature.

Admin users will be able to complete this action.

To locate your Carriers module:

  1. From the menu on the left side of the screen, select the Carriers module
  2. This will redirect you to the Carriers page

To edit an existing Carrier:

    1. Scroll down to the Partner Carriers section
    2. Locate the Carrier to which you wish to add compliance information
    3. Click the small blue arrow to the right side of the Carrier's Name
    4. The Carrier's Details will open up on the right side of the screen
    5. Click "COMPLIANCE" to navigate to the Compliance tab
    6. Navigate down to the "Insurance Features" section
    7. Locate the "Show Warning on Dispatch within 14 days of expiry" heading
    8. If you would like to enable this feature, click the "OFF" toggle
    9. This will toggle the setting to "ON"
    10. When complete, remember to scroll back to the top of the page and click "SAVE" to save your changes