RMIS - How Does RMIS Work With Rose Rocket

Learn more about our integration with RMIS and how the software works with your Rose Rocket instance.

RMIS, also known as Registry Monitoring Insurance Services, is a tool used to manage and track carriers to ensure their insurance is up to date, and to monitor their safety records. Having this tool ensures that you are working with quality carriers to deliver you or your customer's freight.

Integration Benefits


Automate carrier selection

  • Ensure your shipments are assigned only to carriers that align with the compliance standards of your business.
  • Auto risk assessment when dispatching orders.

One system of record

  • Maintain a comprehensive record of insurance details and documents by storing them within your TMS.

Automate manual tasks

  • Streamline the process of adding and updating carrier information by syncing it directly from RMIS, eliminating the need for manual data entry.
  • Automatically be notified when a partner carrier's insurance information is about to expire.

RMIS Subscriptions

Integrating with RMIS is completely free! To enable this integration, an existing subscription to RMIS is required. This integration is compatible with RMIS's Monitoring Only and CRS+ Carrier Onboarding Service subscription tiers.


Monitoring Only: You search for a carrier using their MC or DOT and get basic insurance data (i.e. Auto, Liability, Cargo, WSIB). Compliance information will not be visible on the Monitoring Only tier; only the carrier rating will be displayed.


CRS+ Carrier Onboarding Service: Includes carrier onboarding where partner carriers are sent an invitation or apply through a link to fill out their profile, and sign off to be an official partner carrier. They also get information including (but not limited to) lane information, profile data, insurance agent information, diversity information, agreement signatures, hazmat and certification detail, W9 information and more.


We strongly recommend the CRS+ subscription tier to make the most out of this integration.