RMIS - Adding Carriers On Rose Rocket

Easily keep track of the safety and compliance records for all of your partner carriers.

You can add carriers on Rose Rocket in two different ways, both of which ensure that the records synchronize between your RMIS and the TMS.


Table of Content

  1. Adding Carriers In RMIS
  2. Adding Carriers In Rose Rocket
  3. Preventing Carrier Duplication
  4. Carrier Data Refresh

Adding Carriers In RMIS

Directly create carrier profiles in RMIS. Compliance information will be pulled into the TMS from RMIS automatically. The synchronization process typically takes around 30 minutes.

You must turn on the Auto-Import Onboarded Carriers feature in the Integrations module for RMIS.



This is the recommended approach unless you have an urgent need to dispatch the load to the carrier, and cannot wait for RMIS and Rose Rocket to sync.

Adding Carriers In Rose Rocket

You can add carriers directly in Rose Rocket, however, you'll need to download a list of your carrier profiles containing DOT & MC IDs. You then send this list to your RMIS representative, who will handle the synchronization of compliance data into Rose Rocket.


Click through the interactive video below for a step-by-step guide on how to download the carrier list in Rose Rocket.


Sync time will depend on how long it takes for your RMIS rep to import the data.

Preventing Carrier Profile Duplication

Prior to enabling the Auto-Import Onboarded Carriers feature in the Integrations module for RMIS, it is important to ensure that each carrier profile created in Rose Rocket includes DOT & MC IDs. This is because the synchronization relies on the carrier DOT & MC IDs.

Failure to include the DOT & MC IDs in the carrier profile within Rose Rocket will lead to the creation of a duplicate profile from RMIS.

However, if the carrier profile within Rose Rocket already includes the DOT & MC IDs, the system will sync the profile information from RMIS to the existing profile in Rose Rocket.

Carrier Data Refresh

Rose Rocket refreshes the carrier data every 10 minutes to ensure that Rose Rocket and RMIS remain in sync.