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QuickBooks Error Code 6240

If you are receiving this error code while trying to export an Invoice to QuickBooks, continue reading to learn more about how to rectify the error.

Rose Rocket Error Message:

The customer/driver/carrier on this invoice/bill exists in QBO with a different external id. To export this invoice you can do the following:

Update their `QB External ID` in Rose Rocket with the correct external ID from QBO

QuickBooks Error Message:

"Duplicate Name Exists Error","Detail":"The name supplied already exists. : null","code":"6240"

Steps to Resolve:

The following steps outline how to reconcile the QB External ID` in Rose Rocket with the correct external ID from QBO.

  1. Go the contact's profile in Quickbooks. 
  2. Copy the number at the end of the URL (this is the contact's QB External ID). Screen Shot 2021-02-17 at 11.18.07 AM
  3. Go back to your Rose Rocket account and locate to the contact's profile you are trying to invoice. 
  4. Navigate to the "QBO EXTERNAL ID" field of this contact and click on their current ID number to edit the current text in the field.
  5. Paste the ID so that it matches the one listed for the customer in QuickBooks. 
  6. Remember to click "SAVE" at the top of the page to confirm your change.