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QuickBooks Error Code 6200/6210

If you are receiving this error code while trying to export an Invoice to QuickBooks, continue reading to learn more about how to rectify the error.

Rose Rocket Error Message:

The account period has closed and all transactions within this period are locked. Please record this change in QBO manually or open your books in QBO to allow this change to sync.

QuickBooks Error Message:

"Account Period Closed","Detail":"The account period has closed.","code":"6200"

Steps to Resolve:

In Order to circumvent a closed accounting period, any Invoices or Bills that have not been exported to QuickBooks before closing the period they were created within will need to be manually entered into QuickBooks.

Once an accounting period has closed, the integration between Rose Rocket and QuickBooks does not allow for any changes to be made on Invoices or Bills sent within this period as the closing of this period removes the ability to make any changes within it.

Entering the Invoice into QuickBooks manually will still allow you to get the information into your system despite this error.

To avoid future issues, please ensure that all necessary Invoices or Bills are exported to QuickBooks before the accounting period they apply to has been closed.