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QuickBooks Error Code 6140

If you are receiving this error code while trying to export an Invoice to QuickBooks, continue reading to learn more about how to rectify the error.

Rose Rocket Error Message:

This invoice or bill ID already exists. To export this invoice go to your QBO account and delete or rename the invoice with this document number.

QuickBooks Error Message:

"Duplicate Document Number Error","Detail":"Duplicate Document Number Error : You must specify a different number. This number has already been used. "code":"6140"

Steps to Resolve:

  1. In order to rectify this error, log into your QuickBooks account
  2. Locate the Invoice/Bill that already exists within QuickBooks
  3. Delete this Invoice/Bill entirely from within your QuickBooks account or rename it
  4. Return to Rose Rocket and continue where you left off on the Invoice
  5. When exported to QuickBooks, the error should no longer appear