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QuickBooks Error Code 2020

If you are receiving this error code while trying to export an Invoice to QuickBooks, continue reading to learn more about how to rectify the error.

Rose Rocket Error Message:

You either have no line items on your invoice/bill OR the line item(s) on this invoice are not being mapped to anything in QBO.

To export this invoice please ensure that there is at least one line item and that each line item is mapped to a product or service in QBO. Go to your QBO settings to set up the mapping for these line items.

QuickBooks Error Message:

"Required param missing, need to supply the required value for the API","Detail":"Required parameter Line is missing in the request","code":"2020","element"

Steps to Resolve:

To setup line item mapping for items on your invoice/bill follow the steps outlined below. 

  1. From the menu of the left side of your screen, navigate to the Integrations module
  2. Locate and click on the QuickBooks tile to open your QuickBooks settings
  3. This will open your QuickBooks integration settings in a new page

  4. If you are experiencing this error on your invoices go to the invoices tab and scroll down the to "Invoice Line Item Mapping" section.  
  5. If you are experiencing this error on your bills go to the bills tab and scroll down the to "Bill Line Item Mapping" section. 
  6. From the fields provided, select the QuickBooks Products & Services you wish to associate your Rose Rocket fields or items with. This allows QuickBooks to understand that a specific line item in Rose Rocket is to be associated with its coinciding line item within your QuickBooks software.
  7. When complete, remember to click "SAVE CONFIG" at the top of the page