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Macropoint - What is Macropoint?

Continue reading to learn more about Macropoint and its potential uses for your company.

About Macropoint

Macropoint is a software from Descartes that allows for freight visibility and freight matching. It consolidates logistics tracking data from carriers into a single integrated platform to meet two growing challenges: real-time freight visibility and automated freight matching.

Macropoint currently owns the largest network of connected carriers and continues to grow by integrating with new technologies and onboarding hundreds of new carriers monthly.

More information is available on Macropoint's website.

Rose Rocket and Macropoint

Rose Rocket currently works specifically with their Equipment Monitoring service.

This can be used for a variety of tasks, such as the following, also from their website:

Freight Visibility for LSPs

We want to help you meet your customers’ visibility demands and simplify your workflow. By eliminating check calls through real-time tracking and automated alerts, MacroPoint enables you to make the best use of your time while maintaining top-quality service for your customers.

Capacity Matching for Brokers

Descartes MacroPoint™ provides advanced carrier sourcing and capacity matching capabilities. With Descartes MacroPoint you can source carriers more quickly, and find carriers that fit your network, resulting in stronger more profitable relationships. Furthermore, dynamic sourcing automatically matches available capacity from your trusted carrier network to open customer loads. If no trucks are available, we can exponentially expand that network with verified capacity from our industry-leading capacity network.

Freight Visibility for Shippers

MacroPoint enables your team to view, analyze, predict and communicate the status of any shipment in real time, dramatically improving their ability to manage supply chain disruptions, increase on-time delivery performance and minimize carrier detention fees.

Capacity Matching for Carriers

Carriers will soon be able to automatically communicate available capacity to trusted LSPs through a single sign-on web portal. No more depending on public load boards where everyone can see your capacity or juggling multiple private portals that suffer from limited LSP participation.