Actionable Inbox Notifications

With this update, your Inbox will now display your most urgent notifications, so you can keep up with important decisions and updates

Messages, Spot Quotes, Portal Invites, Order Updates....


You receive a lot of notifications on Rose Rocket, which can get overwhelming when trying to figure out which ones need your attention.


With this in mind, we're excited to announce our latest update to the Inbox module - Actionable Notifications.


This update brings the most urgent and actionable notifications to your Inbox, giving you greater visibility and control over important updates, so you'll never miss an important message again.

Instead of finding them under Notifications, this update brings the following notifications to your Inbox:

  • Spot/quick quotes
  • Tender offers
  • e-Dispatched orders
  • Order detail and status changes
  • Messages & chats

Here's How It Works:

Inbox Notifications (1)

Navigate to the Inbox module from the left navigation bar.


From here you can view your read/unread notifications, categorized between:

  • Chat: new and ongoing conversations with your team, partners, and customers
  • Offers: tender offers, e-dispatched orders, pick-up requests, rate cons
  • Notifications:  Spot/quick quotes, order detail changes, status changes

Within each of Chat, Offers, and Notifications categories, you can now:

  1. Filter by notification Type (e.g. spot quote, portal access, customer message) and Status (e.g. read, unread, all)
  2. Quickly view how many unread notifications you have
  3. Click any notification to navigate directly to the relevant Order or Manifest


Also included in this update - the Notifications page has been renamed to Activity Feed. It will still live on the top Navigation Bar and continue to house all your notifications.


Note: the Messages & Requests preview (list of notifications revealed when hovering over the Inbox icon on the top Navigation Bar) has been temporarily removed, but will be re-added soon!