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How do I send an e-Rate Confirmation with a signature required?

Follow the steps below to send an e-Rate Confirmation with a signature required.

Signature required e-Rate Confirmations

If you’re moving freight with a new partner that you’ve just onboarded, you have the option to send them an e-Rate Confirmation that requires a signature and only shows the city and state for each stop. Once it's signed by your partner, they will be able to see the stop information in order to complete the shipment.

If you're working with a brand new partner, remember to create a profile for them in Rose Rocket first. In the Carriers module, you can use our new Carrier Directory to search the over 1 million FMCSA approved carriers and add your partners in just a few clicks. Simply search using the address, company name, MC or DOT ID, and select your partner from the list. Check out the full details here.

How it works: