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How do I resolve a QuickBooks export error code within Rose Rocket?

Continue reading to learn more about QuickBooks error messages, what they mean, and how to resolve them.

What are QuickBooks errors?

QuickBooks export errors occur when you attempt to export an Invoice from Rose Rocket to your QuickBooks Online account, but something in the system blocks the Invoice from going through. If this happens, a red error message will display at the bottom of your Invoice page alerting you to the issue.

What do QuickBooks errors mean?

There are a variety of different reasons why an error can occur. While the Rose Rocket and QuickBooks integration is a very comprehensive one, QuickBooks is an incredibly detailed software and requires some setup to ensure it can communicate properly with Rose Rocket. Because of this, you may run into issues if the setup of your integration is incomplete or completed incorrectly. If you receive a red error message when exporting an Invoice, it does not necessarily mean you did anything wrong, or that your integration is incorrect. These errors do come up from time to time simply because of the complicated and intricate nature of QuickBooks and Rose Rocket.

How do I resolve a QuickBooks error?

So how do you resolve these errors?

On the Integrations page of our Help Center, you will find a section titled "QuickBooks Error Messages. This section includes one article per error message we have on file, including what it means and how to resolve it. We are consistently adding new errors and their resolutions to this page as they come up.

If you encounter an error that is not listed on our Help Center, please contact us at help@roserocket.com so we can diagnose, troubleshoot, and resolve the issue with you.