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Geotab - How does Geotab work with Rose Rocket?

Learn more about our integration with Geotab and how the software works with your Rose Rocket instance.


Rose Rocket is now integrated with Geotab ELDs to enable real-time track and trace. This integration allows Geotab’s GPS data to be mapped to Rose Rocket’s order and manifest data, allowing for three major benefits:

  • Internal team members can now see real-time location data for manifests and orders right from within the TMS, allowing for better planning and faster response times.
  • GPS data is used with geofencing technology to automatically update status on the Order or Manifest.
  • This information can be made available directly to customers, which means fewer phone calls and manual status updates for your team, and higher control and satisfaction for your customers.

This integration is available for free for all Rose Rocket instances. To get this integration, an existing subscription with Geotab is required, and this integration does not cover the cost of the ELDs itself.

What does it look like?

Rose Rocket TMS Users:

For internal users, Geotab data will be available where your current last known location data is shown. It is updated when Geotab is updated.

For manifests that are assigned to vehicles with the ELD devices, you will see the ELD’s data in the following areas on Rose Rocket.

  • Manifest Details: The location data will be available on the map within the manifest
  • Manifest List: You can see the location data under “Last seen” column.
  • Order Details: You can see the location data on the map after an order has been picked up.
  • Send Location & ETA: Geotab data will also be pre-populated when you choose to send an update to a customer. To do this, simply click on “Set ETA and Location”, and confirm the information you want to send to your customer. This information will be sent via an email that will include both the ETA and the location in which the order was last seen.
  • Order List: Last known location will be populated using Geotab’s data.

Rose Rocket Customer Portal Users:


Geotab data in the form of a last known location, can be made available to your customers directly through the Customer Portal. This is optional and can be configured on a customer-by-customer basis.

To enable it for a customer, head to Customers, click into the customer you want to choose the setting for, and make sure the box for “Last Seen Location” is checked. By default, this is turned OFF for customers.

Once enabled, the last known location will be seen across the Order Details and Order List pages, just like internal users above.