Editing Reports In Analytics

This article provides comprehensive instructions on how to customize reports in Analytics.

Watch our Edit Mode webinar for a full demo of Edit Mode:

Edit Mode Access

Edit Mode is available for Admin users with an Advanced Analytics license. All other users with Advanced Analytics can view pre-built reports in the Analytics module.

Editing Reports

 Edit Mode makes a personal copy of the original report. It does not override the pre-built reports in your Rose Rocket Analytics account, so you don't need to worry about changing your pre-built reports.

When editing a Report, every item has 4 options: Data, Settings, Clone, and Delete. 

  • Data: This is where you can see the TMS data being pulled into your report and all of the available datasets that can be added. This is best to use when you want to add a new piece of data to your report. 
  • Settings: This is where you can update how an item works on your report. This is best to use when you want to change settings like the default options on a filter, how values are displayed, or change the style.
  • Clone: This is where you can duplicate the item you’ve selected. This is an easy way to use if you want the same type of item like a filter or table, but need to change the data.
  • Delete: This is how you can remove the item from your report. This is best to use to simplify a report by removing the items you don’t need to see.


When updating data in your report, the datasets will open in the right-hand side. Always add properties from the ‘Available Datasets’, which means they are compatible with the report you are editing. 

Here are some common examples of how to use Edit Mode:

Using a Dataset 

Adding/Removing Columns from a Report 


If you have any questions about Analytics Beta or Edit Mode, reach out to our Data team at analytics_production@roserocket.com