Driver Mobile App Overview

General introduction of the Rose Rocket driver mobile app.

The Rose Rocket driver mobile app streamlines the communication between drivers and dispatchers. With the app, you can see real-time changes to freight movements, instantly communicate with drivers, have drivers capture documentation electronically, and more!

What Can The Driver Mobile App Do?


Instant communication with drivers:

  • Manifests are sent to the app in real time and are updated immediately when dispatch adds or removes a stop.
  • Chat with your drivers online in the context of the order, with chat records you can easily reference.

Enable real-time order tracking:

  • Drivers can communicate the progress at a stop in a matter of seconds without disruptive phone calls.
  • The last known location will be presented on a map to the dispatcher in the Rose Rocket TMS.

Capture documentation:

  • Collect e-signatures when completing pickups or deliveries.
  • Take pictures of physical paperwork and have it automatically uploaded to Rose Rocket. The paperwork becomes available immediately to anyone inside the platform.
  • Upload images of the freight should the driver discover damages or need to document inaccessible areas.

Barcode scanning:

  • Drivers can save time confirming the load information.
  • Eliminate the need to manually input load information so it's less susceptible to errors.
  • Instantly update commodities in the TMS.

Getting started

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