Create Custom Invoice Numbers

Learn how to customize your invoice IDs

Every organization has a unique approach for invoicing, and Invoice IDs are important part of that process. Perhaps you need the ID to be a certain number of characters, or want to match them another document number, like a rate con or a PO.

Here's how to customize your invoice IDs, so you can stay organized, keep your customers happy, and get paid faster.

How it works

With the Invoice ID builder, you can create custom Invoice IDs with any combination of:

  • A Custom prefix (e.g. "I")
  • Order ID (e.g. "USA-CUST-1000")*
  • Invoice sequence number (e.g. "208")*
  • Your org's Rose Rocket shortcode (e.g. "USA")
  • Your customer's Rose Rocket shortcode (e.g. "Cust)

*Your Invoice ID must include at least Order ID or Invoice Sequence number.

1) Click Settings from the side menu

Click on Settings menu item

2) Click on Accounting 

Click on Accounting

 3) Scroll down to the "Invoice ID settings" section, and begin building your custom Invoice ID 

Click on Combine properties together to create a customized ID. Invoice ID must include at least one of the following options:… 

EXAMPLE: Let's say I wanted my Invoice IDs in the format of [Custom Prefix] - [Customer Shortcode] - [Org Sequence]

Click on highlight


Click on Customer shortcode


Click on Org sequence


Org sequence number is a running count of all your created invoices. If using Org sequence, to avoid confusion, the sequence continue counting from it's current count or greater

Type "208"

4) Once you're done building, click "Save"

Click on Save


Note: For multi-order invoices, the Invoice ID will be defaulted to [Custom prefix]-[Org shortcode]-[Org sequence]


What is the default Invoice ID?

Don't want to customize your Invoice ID? Don't worry, the default will remain as:

  • INV - [Org Shortcode] - [Customer Shortcode] - [Invoice Sequence Number]