Add custom fields on your invoices

Learn how to insert additional, custom fields on your invoices that can auto-populate information from orders, or left blank to be filled out as you need

Custom Invoice FieldsYour Rose Rocket invoice contains a lot of information, but sometimes, it's not enough. 

With Custom Invoice Fields, you can insert up to 3 additional fields on your invoice that can either:

  • Auto-populate with information from an order, like: PO#, Reference #, or Tender numbers
  • Stay open, so you can manually input whatever additional information you need for each invoice

Whether you're looking for more order information on your invoice, or additional data to export to your accounting software, custom fields can fill the gaps you need.

How it works:

1. Click on Settings from the side navigation menu

Click on Settings

2 . Click on the Accounting tab 

Click on Accounting

3 . Scroll down to the Custom Fields section 

Type "Order PO#"

4 . For up to 3 fields, input a label, and choose what data the field will be populated with

You can have the field auto-populated with:

  • None (leaves the field empty for you to fill out on each invoice)
  • Order PO
  • Order Ref
  • Order Tender
  • Order ID
  • Delivery Date
  • Pick-Up Date
  • Customer Shortcode
  • Customer External ID

Click on Order PO

5. Select if you want your custom fields to appear on Invoices, Credits, or both

Click on Credits

6. Choose which fields you'd like to be active. A custom field will not appear on future invoices or credits until it's made active.

Click on highlight

7. Once complete, click Save

Click on Save

8. Your active custom fields will appear on the top of future invoices

Type "California"


Click on Order PO#…

Invoice PDF

Screen Shot 2023-03-28 at 1.01.12 PM