How to create or add to a commission bill

Your guide to creating a commission bill, or adding commission items to an existing bill on Rose Rocket


1. Click on the Accounting dropdown menu

Click on Accounting menu item

2. Click on the Salespeople module

Click on Salespeople menu item

3. Select the vendor (salesperson) from the dropdown list

You can only view one salesperson's outstanding commission items at a time

Click on rowgroup

4.. Select outstanding items from the list you want to add to the bill

Check on

5. After items are selected, click Create bill

Click on Create bill (3)

6. Choose if you'd like to create a new bill, or select an existing bill to add the items to

If adding to an existing bill, select a bill from the suggested list, or search for it by Bill ID.

Click on dialog

7. Click on Create

Click on Create


...And that's it! Your commission bill is complete.