BorderConnect - How do I enter a FAST number into a Driver Profile?

Follow the steps below in order to enter a FAST Number into a Driver Profile for use with the BorderConnect and Rose Rocket integration.

To locate your Team settings:

  1. On the left-hand side of the screen, navigate down to the Team module 
    Screen Shot 2020-01-26 at 5.33.32 PM

You will only see one display where all your settings reside, and you will not need to navigate to any additional pages.

To edit an existing team member:

    1. Under the Team section, navigate to the team member you would like to update

      Ensure that this user is listed as a Driver under "ROLE"
    2. Click anywhere in the listing to open this user's details
    3. The Team Member's details will open on the right side of the screen
    4. Navigate to the FAST Card section
    5. Click anywhere in the "No FAST Card #" text box
    6. Enter the Driver's FAST Card Number in the provided text box
    7. Once entered, click on the green checkmark next to the text box to save this detail