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How to add carriers

Learn how to add partner carriers to Rose Rocket so you can start dispatching orders to them.

Table of Contents

Video overview

Step-by-step instructions


Video Overview:



Follow along with these steps:

1. Go to the Carriers module.


2. Click on the 'Create' button.


3. Select how you want to add your carrier.

We recommend adding carriers using our DOT integration.


4. Search for the carrier by DOT #, MC #, or company name.


5. Find and select the carrier from the list.

Use the 'View Safer Profile' to verify the FMSCA details for your carrier.


6. Select 'Next'.


7. Verify the currency of your carrier and click 'Confirm and Add' to save.


8. You're ready to start dispatching!

Manage your new carrier profile on their carrier page to do things like: update their information, add a logo, add contacts, add compliance information, and more.