What are e-Features?

Continue reading to learn more about our new e-Features.

Our TMS has e-Features, or efficient-Features, that are innovative ways to save you time and improve your top-line revenue substantially.


  • Improve Customer Experience: Save time while offering a premium service to your customers
  • More Revenue Per Headcount: Customers using e-features experience 2x the revenue per headcount after adopting
  • Flexible Adoption: Can be used on any Order and Manifest, when you need it

What are e-features?

This includes e-Orders and e-Manifests. An e-Order is when you invite a customer to use your Customer Portal and/or send them an e-tracking link to an Order. An e-Manifest is when you email dispatch to a Carrier or Driver, or when you dispatch to Driver Mobile.

Please note that manually dispatching Manifests will not use a credit.

You have the ability to use multiple credits on a single Order. Here are a few examples of times when this might happen:

  • If you assign different Drivers or Carriers to different Legs from a single Order
  • If you use e-Features on each Leg from a single Order that has multiple Legs
  • If you have several Manifests attached to a single Order and use an e-Feature on each Manifest