RMIS - How do I set up my RMIS Configuration?

After you have enabled the RMIS application on Rose Rocket, follow the steps below to configure your settings.

Navigate to your Integrations Settings

  1. To open your Integrations settings, navigate to the vertical menu on the left side of any Rose Rocket page
  2. From the menu, select your Integrations module

Update your RMIS Integration

    1. From the Integrations module, locate the RMIS tile

      If you do not already have the application enabled, please follow these steps:
      How do I enable the RMIS app in my Rose Rocket software?
    2. This will open up your RMIS settings in a new page
    3. Navigate to the Configuration panel
    4. Fill out the Configuration information as shown below

      The information to be entered in the available text boxes should match the format as shown above. If you are unsure where to find this information, hover your cursor over the question mark beside each field for more information
    5. When complete, remember to click "SAVE" in the top right corner!