RMIS - How do I connect a Carrier on Rose Rocket?

Gain clear insight into the qualifications that matter to your business when searching for partner carriers to work with.

Now you can easily assess carriers and determine which are acceptable to move your freight as you dispatch orders.

Connecting a Carrier

Admin users can create and update carriers in Rose Rocket simply by adding the DOT ID or MC ID numbers. When a valid ID is added, the carrier compliance information and business address are pulled from RMIS and added to the carrier profile in Rose Rocket.

Carriers can be added manually or in bulk as usual. To upload profiles in bulk, download your list of carriers from RMIS and upload them using the carriers CSV template. For bulk imports of more than 100 carrier profiles, please contact your RMIS representative a day in advance to increase your API threshold.

On the Carriers page, go to the carrier profile and open the Compliance tab. Here, you can see the compliance data pulled directly from RMIS and upload files that can be downloaded later in time.

Coverage Types

Coverage types are stored in the Compliance tab of a carrier profile and broken down by the following insurance types:

  • Auto
  • Cargo
  • Liability
  • Workers Compensation

If a carrier has more than one coverage for the same insurance type, Rose Rocket will pull the coverage with the latest expiration date from RMIS.