How do I use Efficiency Credits?

Continue reading to learn more about our new feature Efficiency Credits and how they can be used within your Rose Rocket software.

To learn what Efficiency Credits are, refer to this article here:

What are Efficiency Credits?

How to use e-Credits:

e-Credits will be automatically deducted, so you don't ever need to worry about applying them yourself.

You can use one credit on each Order. This gives you full access to track and trace links and customer invites for the entirety of that single Order.

You will only be charged for the first e-feature on each e-order, after which all others will be unlocked.  Please note that this only applies at the Order level and not the Manifest level

Please Note: Once you invite a customer to your Customer Portal, every future Order with that customer will automatically be an e-Order and will use up 1 e-credit. If you would like to cease the use of e-credits for a specific customer, you can disable their Customer Portal access at any time.

How to Disable Customer Portal:

How do I disable the Customer Portal?