How do I create a Consolidated Invoice?

Follow the steps below to combine multiple invoices into a Consolidated Invoice for your customers.

Billing/Managers and Admin users will be able to complete this action

To access the Invoicing module:

  1. Navigate to the invoicing module
  2. Ensure you select the "Invoices (Beta)" option from the secondary menu that appears

To locate your Invoices:

    1. Starting on the Invoices screen, it will look like this:
    2. Locate the Views menu
    3. From the Views menu at the top of the screen, select "Delivered" Invoices
    4. From here, you may use additional filters to locate the Customer you are invoicing

      Use the Customers filter to show invoices for a specific Customer
    5. Locate the Invoices you wish to consolidate

      Please note that a red exclamation icon on the DELIVERED status icon means that the Order is not ready to be invoiced. In most cases, this means you have not yet uploaded the signed delivery documents.

      Invoices to be consolidated should be marked as Delivered without the red ! icon

To create a Consolidated Invoice:

    1. To select the invoices, click on the square to the left of each invoice

      This will select each invoice
    2. Select all applicable invoices that you wish to consolidate
    3. Once selected, click "CREATE INVOICES" at the top of the screen
    4. A pop-up box will appear asking you to confirm the type of invoice you need
    5. Click the "CREATE CONSOLIDATED" button
    6. This will create a Consolidated Invoice, which will open in on a new page
    7. Review the information on this page to ensure everything is correct
    8. Make any necessary changes or updates if required
    9. When you are ready to send the Consolidated Invoice, click "SEND"
    10. A pop-up box will appear where you can enter all information that will be sent to your customer in an email with the Consolidated Invoice
    11. When all information listed is correct, click "SEND" again to send the Invoice