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"Remember when the freight business was mainly handled by phone and fax? When "sophisticated technology" really meant looking at green screens on an AS400? Back in the day, there were no powerful internet tools nor dependable market data sources to help make better decisions – but we did have professionals who really understood freight. was started in 2020 by a team of veterans who have collectively spent over 100 years in the supply chain industry who remember what it was like to operate with limited technology and market intelligence. That is why we named our company

We draw on the knowledge of our team of "OG" logisticians, brilliant engineers and data scientist to harness the power of big data, sophisticated AI and machine learning to deliver superior pricing insights to our customers that empower them to win more business more profitably."

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Rose Rocket and

This can be used for a variety of tasks, such as the following, also from their website:

Quote with confidence
Based on real-time market conditions and your company's individual buying power
Improve operational productivity
By reducing the time, uncertainty and friction involved in pricing & booking loads
Grow & protect your margins
With synchronized buy & sell price recommendations & business insight
Integrate into your existing technology ecosystem
With limited investment of time and valuable capital

The solution

Supported by a framework of machine-learning, powerful data and a library of plug-ins to TMS, CRM and other complementary applications, provides end-to-end price synchronization from customer quote to carrier sourcing.