BorderConnect - How do I enter my BorderConnect Company ID?

To enter your BorderConnect Company ID into Rose Rocket, follow the steps below.

To locate your Integrations module:

  1. From the menu on the left side of the screen, select the Integrations module
  2. This will redirect you to the Integrations Page

To update your BorderConnect Settings:

    1. From the Integrations page, locate the BorderConnect tile
    2. Click anywhere on this tile to open your BorderConnect Settings

      You can always click "Enable App" right from the tile, but it will take you to the same screen no matter where you click within this tile.
    3. This will open up your BorderConnect Settings in a new page
    4. Navigate down to the "Configuration" section
    5. In the field labeled "Company ID", paste in your Company ID
    6. Navigate down to the "Test Mode" option directly underneath "Company ID"
    7. Click the "OFF" toggle to switch Test Mode to "ON"
    8. Once changes are made on this page, the "SAVE CONFIG" button that was previously greyed out will turn green
    9. Click the "SAVE CONFIG" button to save your changes and enable the integration